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Our Story

My earliest memories as a child growing up are those of me watching my dad craft beautiful furniture. He had a great affinity for the Chesterfield couch and a fascination with the technique and the intricate nature of it's manufacturing process, there were no machines back then and everything was done by hand. My family later moved to South Africa, and over the next 20 years we built a very successful furniture manufacturing business, catering to retail stores, and working hand in hand with architects, designers and shopfitter to create custom designs.

Growing up in the family business must have been what influenced me to have a love for Interior Design and architecture resulting in me choosing a degree in Interior Design. I always thought I was destined to run the family business in South Africa, but my path changed and I found myself here in Australia with my little family.

It immediately struck me once we had arrived and settled in Melbourne that there was something missing in the furniture market here. The unique African leathers that bring an amazing comfort and style! I knew then that I had to look to import our furniture to Australia and share the furniture we love with the people of Melbourne.

We had it all planned out, May 2020 we were going to bring in our first container and exhibit the furniture at various exhibitions with the view of supplying an existing furniture retail store. Then Covid-19 struck. There would be no exhibitions and on top of that no retail stores operating for almost all of 2020. We had to change plans fast!! We got to work on this website and pivoted to selling online with the hope we can build the business up to one day opening our own retail space.

We hope that the images from our photoshoots do our products justice and you decide to take home one of our pieces, each piece is unique in its own way. All our products are handmade and quality is still assured by my father himself.